MOVING forever to a new Blog!

Hey everyone!

This is going to be the final post on my this blog, before I completely switch to my recently developed archives page.

Why? Because, I don’t feel it’s worth paying money to WordPress every month to enable custom domains. There are other reasons as well for this transition but that was the most important one.

Anyways, I have already moved most of the posts here to my new place. Hope to to see you there!


GSoC – The final week!!

Hey everyone! I’m back with another post regarding my GSoC journey so far. This is my final week into the GSoC and I’m really glad that I made it till the end.

First of all, here’s a list of things that have done since my previous mid-phase post.

  • All the warnings on the CLI are cleaned up now 🙂
  • coala-quickstart has now this awesome feature of autocompletion for filesystem paths.
  • coala-quickstart is now able to validate the input type based on the kind of settings.
  • coala-quickstart can now automatically obtain setting values from .editorconfig values and can even detect the inconsistency.
  • coala-quickstart now suggests bears based on your Gruntfile.js contents as well!
  • The new version of coala-quickstart is released now :tada: (oh yeah.. This was my first release ever!)

With all that done.. I was able to complete my project in time and everyone would be satisfied with my work I guess 🙂

Here’s my final submission report:

What’s next for coala-quickstart?

There’s still a long way to go for coala-quickstart and the most important thing to watch out for is the aspects project which will simplify the things for the users to a lot extent and will eventually open us a lot of opportunity for us to show some coala-quickstart magic.

PS: Another blog-post walking through my whole GSoC journey in brief will be coming soon and I’m trying to make it an interesting one. So until next time…

GSoC: Final week of Phase 2

Hello world! I’m back with another post of my GSoC journey. I’m into my final week of Phase 2 and will be filling out the evaluations very soon (excited!). This phase was essentially the core of my GSoC project. Here’s what I’ve done in past two weeks since my last update.


  • Got the cEP (coala’s Enhancement Proposal) merged after review by my mentor.
  • Performed a couple more iterations of my GruntfileInfoExtractor PR and got it merged after reviews from my mentors and fellow GSoCers.
  • Submitted a very long PR for the actual implementation of my cEP and managed to get it merged after heavy reviews.

Here’s my burndown chart

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GSoC: Mid of Phase 2 update

Hello world! I’m back with another post of my GSoC journey. Last week, I received an email from “Google Summer Of Code” and guess what? I passed my first evaluation!

My mentors were very happy with my performance so far, and I’m really thankful for their support. Without wasting any time, I started working on the Phase 2 tasks just after submitting the Phase 1 evaluation, so coming back to my work here’s what I’ve done in the past two weeks:

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GSoC: Final Week of Phase 1

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic summer. The first phase of my GSoC project is about to end, and I’ll be soon filling up my evaluation. In this post, I’ll summarize my progress (like I’ve been doing in all my previous posts :p). Okay so here it goes….


Here’s my progress since my last blog post (almost 2 weeks ago)

  • Reiterated on Appveyor and Travis PRs and got them merged.
  • Went through multiple iterations of my Info Extraction framework’s PR, implemented some new cool features and got the PR merged : tada:
  • Extracted information from the files:
    • package.json
    • Gemfile
    • .editorconfig

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GSoC Update: Mid of Phase 1

Hey folks, hope everyone is doing great in this summer vacation season. I saw statistics released from Google lately and was really happy to know that my University had the third highest number of GSoC students selected in the world :). Anyways, in this blog post, I’ll summarize my work for these past two weeks.


Here’s what I was up to last two weeks.

  • Implemented modules for representing information and extracting information.
  • Created upstream issues for some of the things, would be probably working on them on my own if time allows (stretch goals)
  • Added Appveyor continuous integration for windows.
  • Added Travis CI on my project.

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Final Week, community bonding

So the community bonding period has finally come to an end and the coding phases are about to begin.

Due to my laziness, I was able to finish my tasks just within time, but from the next phases onwards I’ll try to complete my tasks well before time so that there is more scope for improvements.

Anyways, I’m excited that the actual implementation of my proposal is going to start now.

Here’s what I did in the final week

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